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Happy Customers Air By Hahn

Betty B.May 18, 2016
I just had the nicest experience with Lee Hahn who owns Air by Hahn. Last year I had three well-known companies tell me my AC couldn't be repaired and gave me bids that came in at $10K+ and $12K. I called Lee because one of my neighbors was using him and he replaced the coil, saving me thousands of dollars. Today my unit wasn't cooling, and he came out to tell me it had frozen over. After 2 hours he was gone, the AC was working like a dream again, and left me with a No Charge because the coil was replaced in June of last year. I just wanted to pass on Lee's expertise (he used to teach technicians everything there is to know about air and heat repair), and better than that, his desire to be fair and always do the right thing. I can't say enough good things about him, and hope you will pass this recommendation on to all the ladies.