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Service Contract Benefits - Air By Hahn

Protect Your Investment

Your A/C and heating system is the most expensive appliance you will buy, costing thousands of dollars.   Spending $119.00 for a contract to keep it running is the best insurance you can buy.   Air By Hahn will spend at least 1 hour cleaning and checking your unit to keep it running for years.   We blow the drain out, check your ducts for leaks, clean every outside unit with water and clean leaves out of unit.   Temperature, pressures and amp draws are important, but if your unit is not clean it won't work correctly and cost you more money every month.   This is the most important service that needs to be done on any A/C check.   If your A/C company is spending less time on cleaning and more time on trying to sell a new system to you, try Air By Hahn once and see the difference.

Just like your car, air conditioning and heating systems require maintenance.   Otherwise, it might fail you at just the wrong time.   Properly maintained, your A/C can last decades.   However, when neglected, many years of its life may be cut short.

Our Specialty

Air By Hahn specializes in service contracts.   Twice a year, we will provide your system with the attention it needs.   At a very reasonable price.

Dependability is the name of the game.   Once you sweat through a hot San Antonio Summer night without A/C (or shiver through a "Brrr Rabbit!" Winter night), you'll realize that peace of mind can be achieved for you and your family.